Monday, May 14, 2007

Jamie Hernandez: Press Release Day 6

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Local businessman, Jaime Hernandez continues campout in front of NBC5 Studios, 401 N. Michigan Ave to expose corruption.

Day Six:

"I will remain here as long as it takes. The media and the government have failed to acknowledge the fraud that has taken place in many legal cases here in Chicago". Mr. Hernandez who was recently arrested for trespassing and assault for simply standing in the Daley Center, is fighting to expose corruption in the City of Chicago. Mr. Hernandez and others have personally been affected by some of the scandals that have plagued the city. He is not looking for any fame or glory, but only wants the injustices to be exposed.

Mr. Hernandez does not believe in the old doctrine of "…that's the way things work in the Windy City", and believes that the time is ripe for change.

He believes that the Mayor has beautified the city, but at what cost? The city still has many homeless people.

There are plenty of construction jobs; but they remain in the hands of the status quo.

The truth of police brutality has finally come to light; but, there is a supposed statute of limitations and the brutality continues.

The mayor boasts about higher test scores; but, students continue being killed on the streets of Chicago.

The Shakman Decree stands to guard against patronage in Chicago; however, only one person has won under this decree and has yet to see the money from the law suit.

The city is filled with crooked politicians, crooked lawyers, crooked city workers, but the mayor is more concerned with hosting the Olympics (using tax payer dollars).

The mayor has taken over schools, taken down Meigs Field, and now wants to put his hands on monitoring cases of police brutality, yet, he did nothing when he served as state's attorney.

"It's time to wake up, the evidence is shocking"

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