Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Welcome To The Chicago Sunshine Coalition For Open Access to Tapes and Records In Our Courts

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure when the
transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them . . ."

-Patrick Henry

The Sunshine Coalition (TSC) For Open Access to Tapes and Records In Our Courts has been founded by Mayoral candidate William "Dock" Walls along with a long list of citizens who are extremely concerned about the war of corruption, theft and lies that seems to be waging against We The People in our local, state and federal courts nationwide.

TSC believes that We The People of America are at an important crossroad in our world today. We are witnessing, all around us an aggressive devolution and degradation of the integrity and credibility of our courts. The light of divine truth - i.e. "Sunshine” - seems to be under increasing attack from all quarters. Here in Cook County, Illinois, for example, the audiotape recording systems have been removed from many courtrooms. The services of court reporters are no longer provided to litigants, especially those who attempt to defend themselves on a pro se basis. Increasingly, the courts have become a "pay to play" system of justice that seems to act like a "for profit" corporation that feeds off of the time, trust, property and rights of We The People.

Ask yourself this simple question:

How can justice be served if We The People cannot record/create cure and save an accurate record of the court proceedings?

William "Dock" Walls and the members of TSC believe that the veil of legitimacy and integrity of our local, state and federal courts have been stripped away by these actions. TSC along with members of We The People do not want to provide a false sense of hope that only seem to divide us from one another. There is but ONE Light, in Chicago, in America and the World: THE LIGHT OF TRUTH! And we as a people MUST....MUST declare, share and celebrate this Light NOW!! For if we do not rise up and shine the light of truth on these matters, this War of Corruption, Theft and Lies will, like monsters, continue to swallow up our families, our communities and our nation at large.

As John Perkins, author of "Confessions of An Economic Hit Man" has declared "Now is the Time!!"

Chicago Mayoral Candidate William "Dock" Walls and TSC are making an open challenge to Mayoral Candidate, Dorothy Brown, to address this issue now by repeating this simple question:



TSC agrees with the Sunshine Coalition of Kansas that "only through full and complete access to government & court records, meetings and public officials can citizens make intelligent, informed decisions about the direction of their government and the people they elect."

Open government is one thing, but TSC believes that unless and until we can bring Sunshine - i.e. the light of truth - back into our courtrooms, the prospect and potential for this vision of "open government" will never been realized. We MUST bring back audio recording technologies and court reporters back into our courtrooms. TSC is even advocating another bold step beyond this:


It's time to freely receive, share and celebrate the Sunshine!!